Lunch Break | Professional Networking

Lunch Break is a mobile app designed for professional networking. Lunchbreak allows busy people to get 30 minutes of networking done while eating lunch.


Business is heading increasingly towards sole trading, contracting and small businesses; as a result, people need to network.

Lunch Break freelancer

Always in need to find new clients and connections. Freelancing depends on being exposed to new connections and networks.

Lunch Break small business

Small Business Owner
Time-poor and multi-tasking, a small business owner could be looking for new talent or connections for their enterprise. 

Lunch Break HR

Recruiters & HR
Recruits spend hours after work trying to connect with prospective employees, so why not use the lunch break instead?

Lunch Break logo

Logo Design

Literal but playful, the Lunch Break brand was to bring the casual nature back into business. 

With a combination of a suitcase and a speech bubble, people searching the app store would know exactly what they were getting. 

The blue was used to mirror other business apps like LinkedIn, with a lighter shade conveying the more casual tone. 

Style Guide

Icons use the same corner radius as the logo, this is also applied to imagery. Icons are rounded 2px and oversimplified.

Navigation/settings (primary or active icons) are always contained in a rounded rectangle and executed in the brand colour.


Market Strategy

This app functioned as an extension of LinkedIn: using their API, and your credentials to log in.

This would auto-populate your information and simplify the backend but also establish precedent in the user’s mind about the discourse of the app.

Lunch Break is a way to network during prime time, in city CBDs.

Tone of Voice

Contrary to popular belief, professional working individuals are not robots. Most networking is done informally at bars, clubs and restaurants.

We chose to use a very informal sometimes jovial tone of voice.

Apps often lack any sort of personality and finally, meeting new people can be daunting and being casual can help soften the blow.


Swipe navigation was not prolific in 2015 but was a core feature of this app.

However, as the app would include users from the older generation a safety, persistent button nav was included at the top.



Unfortunately, LinkedIn changed their API making this app financially impossible.

We still really enjoyed putting it together. Researching business models for startups, crafting UX and experimenting with unique navigation methods is never wasted.

Hopefully, in the future, LinkedIn change their API back as I think this could be a very popular app.

It’s almost an insult to call Michael ‘Committed’. He cares so much about the brand and its value, it puts me to shame. Michael gets things done and does so with style.

Oliver Dudgeon – Lunch Break

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