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ES Therapy Centre provides professional counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals and couples in London and the UK.

Brief for ES Therapy Centre

ES Therapy Centre is an SME business that started after the lockdown and during difficult financial times. This was the opportune moment to create a therapy business and ES Therapy had a clear vision from the start -scale without losing the local experience. 

ES Therapy needed a logo design and website that reflected their values, of quality, qualified and professional therapy at scale, without losing that intimacy that comes from your local therapist. 

ES therapy Competitors


An abundance of competition can either be a sign of a saturated market or one with high demands being unmet. 

While some competitor identities have recently been modernised, these were limited to large-scale enterprises, with high volume. 

ES Therapy would take the charge in providing high-quality therapy, at the small to medium scale. Competitors at this level rarely put a level of value into their brands that yielded dividends. 

Logo Design

Striking the balance between “Premium”, “Accessible”, and “Intimate” proved to be a challenge. 

The nexus was combing organic shapes with clean font choices and structured alignment. We would apply minimal, rich colours and a playful tone to align with modern, young brands. 

ES Therapy branding options

ES Therapy Logo

Simple, minimal but friendly. 

The final logo design has a strong sense of structure and space that can be read at a glance, but a contained “organicness” that demands further attention and implies the nature of the service: “True freedom, in a safe space.”

Style guide

A minimal colour palette but with plenty of graphical flourishes to create movement and texture. 

Pairing an oversized slab serif font with Lato sans creates clean prominent headings and easy to read body copy. 

ES Therapy graphical elements

Graphical Elements

We wanted the brand to shine through every element, so we considered vector characters, image treatment, and other elements that all contribute to the personality of ES Therapy Centre. 

These extend to every touchpoint, creating a recognisable and attractive brand. 

ES Therapy Social 1
ES Therapy Social 2
ES Therapy Social 3
ES Therapy Social 4

Consistent on all touchpoints

From socials to the website, signage, and stationery the brand was cohesively applied to great effect. ES Therapy Centre saw a substantial increase in business from new and existing customers, as well as an overall increase in leads. 

Professional, Personable

We carefully considered the amount of content to put on the website. There is a vast amount of theory behind the practice, but we needed to say enough to establish contact and no more. 

We believe that effective therapy is:

  • Compassionate and non-judgemental
  • Finding the right therapist/therapy
  • Works to empower you through skills and insights
  • Translates into real-life changes
ES Therapy responsive

Website Design

The website was completed in 2 weeks. Built on WordPress it used the latest tech for speed and experience making it to page 1 of Google in only 1 week!

It is fully responsive and optimised for different devices and browsers.

Final Outcome

ES Therapy has the strongest start to a new business they could have, with the environmental factors and now with a new brand. 

We are very happy with the final design. Therapists make such great clients. 😊

ES Therapy website before and after

Michael’s professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication throughout the design process were truly outstanding. His attention to detail, creativity, and willingness to listen, brought my vision to life, and the result exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend Michael to anyone considering taking their business to the next level. Michael’s talent and knowledge bring a unique perspective to any project.

Steff Stantos – ES Therapy Centre

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