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My Local Savings is a progam that curates the prices of multiple grocery shopping websites into one convenient location. It allows you to create a profile, save lists and see daily sales for the same product. Export you list, or share them with your partner.

This could make a real difference to those people who are most in need. Students, low-income earners, large families, those on welfare and more. MLS could save them $100’s a week with very little effort.


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Core Mission

Keep. It. Simple.
Not only is this an MVP but it is also primarily for low quantity users of the web. This hyper-minimalism accounts for feature creep and has the added usibility benefit for the primary user.

Changing Habits

The primary obstacle was the database / library of 100’s of 1000’s of products. This presented both the biggest problem and biggest opportunity. This particular user group isn’t digitally literate, meaning small or even no levels of abstraction. Point & click and literal terms were the key. This platform was going to transition physical buyers into digital ones.


The interface had to account for multiple types of shopping; impulse shoppers, bulk shoppers, special hunters, rewards points shoppers, special dietary requirements, list shoppers, repeat shoppers, vicarious shoppers and many more. The solution involved a multi-faceted approach.

Predictive Search

Taken for granted nowadays, a predictive search offers options the user may not have thought of and also a shortcut to what they want. This is for users that know exactly what they want.

Facet Search

Facet search adds each search term as a parameter for successive searches. This introduces a user generated category – meaning they can search as they wish.

2 – Tier Categories

Capping the categories at 2 Tiers simplifies the navigation. The order of the categories mimics that of the physical location, and therefore the existing shopping habits.

Curated Results

The default, top results shown for each search type will be structured as follows: Specials / Promotions – Most commonly bought by you (logged in) – Most commonly bought (public) – Best value per unit – Highest non-special discounts – Closest matching search result – the rest. Resulting in the user rarely needing to go past the first page.

Pre-check out is where the real magic happens. Once you have created your shopping list you can now see the totals based on local shops near you. Furthermore, you can swap out items for lower cost substitutes or cheaper per-unit equivalents. Finally, save and export your list to any device.

My local savings represents the ultimate buying-power scenario, for every day use. The interface I designed was simple, automated and intuitive. Perfect for changing the habits of its main users.

“Michael initially came recommend to us. We gave him a scope of what we wanted, and what he delivered was above and beyond in terms of creativeness, ease of use, and a clean modern feel. It’s fantastic! We wouldn’t hesitate in using Michael again or recommending him in the highest regard. He definitely is very talented.”
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