my range of skills


No one likes making difficult decisions and making the right one takes experience. Every design problem has the perfect solution and I can help you find it.


Concept design & development. Fix 90% of your problems before they happen. A well thoughtout plan is a plan that works.

Visual Identity

I create high quality logos that accurately represent your company’s values along with assets, font & colour choices and a guide for how to use it all correctly.

Digital Strategy

Having a great website without a strategy is like building an adventure park on an island. An effective digital strategy includes SEO, social analytics and more.

Responsive Web

Over 50% of all internet use is now done via a mobile device. My designs are all mobile first, retina ready and pixel perfect from desktop to mobile.

Native Applications

Nothing beats the refinement you can achieve when building for a specific platform. iOS, Android, Web and more, I’ve done them all.

Interactive Experiences

To be a fully immersive experience your website must be interactive. My designs include animation, video and real-time mockups of every element.

Content Management

Setting up and maintaining a clean CMS website can be a pain. I’ve done it dozens of times, let me take the headache out of your online presence.

Data Visualisation

A specialty service including mass data visualisation, infographics and customizable reporting dashboards. Contact me for more information.


Any print work, large or small, I’ve got you covered. My background in publishing lends me all of the skills you will need.


Creating an amazing website with no SEO is like building a theme park on a deserted island. Make sure you get the eyeballs and the click-throughs you need.


I run my own successful e-commerce business. Not many other designers will be as well equipt to tackle the unique challenges you will face.

My Process

The great part about freelance design is there is no such thing as a job too big or too small!
I can bill by the hour or project by project but, no matter what, every design follows this process.

Special Requests

If there is something specific you are looking for that’s not listed above don’t hesitate to ask! I consult on many projects from the average person to professional design & web studios. I’ll get you going in the right direction.

Just Say Hello

i’ll do the rest