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“We are the music makers, & we are the dreamers of the dreams.”

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The Project First
I have a standard rate. But if your project can change the world for the better, we can discuss a discount.

Simplicity is Key
This is a motto to live by. If the end result is not simple, I haven’t done my job correctly.

You own the work I do and it’s yours to do with as you please, but I retain the right to be recognised as the creator.

Painfully Honest
Sometimes (most of the time) there will be things you need to know, that you don’t want to hear. I value sincerity, that is what sets me apart.

Innovation is not Optional
Many people are content with the status quo:  I am not. That doesn’t mean re-inventing the wheel, but it does mean making something exciting.

User First
At all times, I will consider the problem from the user’s perspective. I don’t design for you, I design for them.


Michael is a brilliant all-round designer who is on his way up. He has a unique combination of natural talent, an ability to learn quickly and most importantly to teach others, which makes him an asset to any design team or project.- Matt Harley, Hipflask
Of all the designers I've worked with, Michael was the first who, not only craft beautiful designs, but craft them with the intended target audience in mind - design without compromising user experience. Bold, visionary, adventurous with exploring new designs and unafraid to say 'no' when he sees a problem.- Clement Wu, iOS Developer
The reason that I always come back to Michael for design work is that he is the type of listener that forces me to describe exactly what I'm thinking and declare what it is that I am trying to achieve. I've noticed that he always pragmatically researches the field that I'm working in and comes back with consistently impressive designs.- Mike O'Hanlon, O'Hanlon Electric Motorsport
I’ve worked with Michael as both a colleague and a freelance client, and he consistently impresses me. He’s very creative, professional, and always delivers beautiful and thoughtful designs.- Alex Louden, Software Engineer

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