iCetana | IA Powered Surveillance

iCetana is a new take on live monitoring. It uses machine learning to filter 99% of unwanted footage, leaving 1% of anomalies displayed on the video wall.

The challenge

iCetana was years ahead of the competition, but their identity was dated and confusing. 

iCetana needed an updated brand and website that more accurately represented their clever use of technology without losing the social capital generated already. 

icetana before

Visual language

To represent the dynamic and machine-based filtering system, we created a series of visual elements to use throughout iCetanas touch-points. 

Abstract fractal icons for general information, and bespoke animated icons for specific concepts. These were then animated in native HTML. 

iCetana icons bg@1x
icetana logos

Logo Redesign

While many options were considered during the design phase, ultimately iCentana decided to preserve the capital they had generated with their current brand. 

This is a common occurrence, so we simply refined the shape to be more modern and geometric, and updated to a web-safe font. 


Brand elements were kept simple with a monochromatic colour scheme that allowed animation, texture and imagery to be highlighted. 

Bold, simple, readable fonts were used to accentuate the brands message: simplicity. 


Simplifying the complex

Most people mistook the existing website for a dated, surveillance equipment provider and not a sophisticated machine learning algorithm. 

A clear, simple message was needed to explain a product this unique and specialized.

Fully responsive

The website was built on a custom CMS using the latest tech for speed and experience; fully optimised for mobile and tablet. All animations were web-native, and videos were served to the browser in the preferred format.

“I’ve worked with Michael as both a colleague and a freelance client, and he consistently impresses me. He’s very creative, professional, and always delivers beautiful and thoughtful designs.”

Alex Louden – iCetana

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