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Eternal Eve is a platform for women to find reliable businesses, through trusted reviews from their peers and provide direct organic contact between them and businesses.


Eternal Eve needed to target women working in the professional field such as airline flight attendants, business executive and entrepreneurial women. It needed to portray that it is the go-to place to find these businesses.
Eternal Eve flight

Flight Attendants
Constantly finding themselves in unfamiliar places and in need (often as a requirement) to find quality female services.

Eternal Eve entrepreneur

Time-poor and multi-tasking, a small business owner doesn’t have time to research but will trust recommendations from friends. 

Eternal Eve executive

Spearheading equality in business and often feels left out of traditional female social circles with little time to remedy. 

Logo Design

The biggest problem with the branding was “brand” affinity: it gives off a “spa salon” feeling.

We needed a separate icon for certain surfaces, as well as tonally moving the identity one “level’ up as an aggregator. 

Style Guide

Powerful purple, was the lead colour as we increased its saturation to allow for less-saturated supporting colours. 

Shifting to Europa early in the heading hierarchy allowed us to maintain legibility. 

Eternal Eve logo style guide

Graphical elements

The thin icons inside a dashed circle are functions and global navigation.

The main navigational icons replace in the main navigation depending on which area you are in which provides context.

Map icons are solid and use unique colours.

Eternal Eve icons

UI Styling

Different colours were used to create the feeling of levels. This provides a hierarchy of information as well as provides a way to include hidden gestures and define separate content.

The darker rose-gold colour defines the base, going up to white at the top.

EE animation layers
Eternal Eve layers

First Experience

The First User Experience introduces the unique terminology, the custom navigation items and the core premise of Eternal Eve, but most importantly the brand.


Navigation needs to be clear and meaningful. The app had very distinct areas that combined, maps, profile, reviews, saved places, friends and more.
ee animations


We used blurs, screen wipes, surface ripples and icon morphs.
This combines a bit of iOS and google material design.

Animations are ONLY used to establish and maintain context at every point in time.


Reviews are integral to Eternal Eve. The new review page uses the full screen rich purple overlay with a simple text entry area in the center of the screen and the name of the business along the top for context.

ee reviews 1
ee reviews 2
Eternal Eve app screens

Final Outcome

Eternal Eve hit the ground running and had a massive uptake early on. We completed this entire project from inception to publishing on the app store in just under four weeks.

We consider this a huge success for the client’s budget, and we know they love it. 

Thanks for being always available for helping the team and for the beautiful designs you made for our mobile app.

Andy Duncan – Eternal Eve

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