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iCetana is a new take on live monitoring. It cuts through the noise to highlight the important events as they unfold. It uses machine learning to filter 99% of unwanted footage, leaving 1% of anomalies displayed on the video wall.

Most people mistook the existing website for a dated, surveillance equipment provider.
A clear, simple message was needed to explain a product this unique and specialized.




Simple Message, Powerful Visuals

Reducing the complexity of a complicated program is always a challenge but the final result was worth the effort. My intention was to rectify the miscommunication of the existing website and simply convey the function using animation and engaging visuals.

“I’ve worked with Michael as both a colleague and a freelance client, and he consistently impresses me.
He’s very creative, professional, and always delivers beautiful and thoughtful designs.”

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Art Direction / Branding / Web design / UI / Info Architecture

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